Lebanese LASER FILMS crews are comfortable with the most advanced film technology and methods.
English, French and Arabic speaking teams are readily available.
In addition to our in house team, we also work with the best freelance and multilingual professionals in the country.
Access to European talented specific technicians is available when required trough our network of contacts.
Working hours are very flexible and crew is very understanding.


On a basis of a client's request, LASER FILMS casting director can make a detailed casting, usually without
participation of an external casting agency, based on our huge in-house database.
Casting fees are at competitive rates including buyouts.


LASER FILMS has its own location database. All different kinds of locations are available: Historical and modern
exteriors, down town in the centre of Beirut, villages, churches, industrial areas, business complex,
offices, cinemas theaters, nature, rivers, lakes, sea, fantastic beaches, incredible and colorful waters, mountains,
ski slopes, amazing landscapes, motorways...


LASER FILMS offers 2 in-house shooting studios, for rental, located in Beirut. LASER FILMS studios
can accomodate large set construction and includes production offices, lorry access and private parking.

Studio 1: L: 24m W:12m H:10m Studio 2: L: 12m W:13m H:4m


Most equipment can be rented directly in Lebanon, however if the client has specific technical requirements, rental and
transportation from Europe can be easily arranged. We have special arrangements with hiring companies either locally or in
Europe and the complete range of 35mm cameras as well as Alexa, Phantom, Photron, Epic and Red MX is available.
Grip equipment ranging from Super Panther to Foxy crane and Pegasus with hot head. Steadycam as well is available.


LASER FILMS offers a full digital post-production environment ranging from Adrenaline Avid Media Composer & FCP
to Discreet Logic Flint and Combustion, After Effects, 3D MAX, Maya, Phtoshop, Illustrator etc...
All integrated with Digital Beta Edit-suite. Highly talented operators and graphic designers experienced to create
and control the most challenging CGE.


There are ranges of high quality (four and five stars) hotels in Lebanon at very competitive prices. Capacity problems may
arise during the high season of June, July and August. Catering services can be provided depending on the requirements
of the foreign producer. Breakfast is usually served upon the crew's arrival on the set. At half way through the working day,
lunch is served. There is usually a one-hour break for lunch. Dinner is served before the end of the shooting.
Warm and cold drinks are available throughout the day.